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If you are trans/non-binary/two-spirit/not cis, I welcome your collaboration by contributing a piece of clothing that will be transformed and used as the material to construct the quilt. Please answer the questions below so that I might better understand your gender experience and bring you into the quilt. Thanks so much for your collaboration! Still have questions about the quilt? Contact me

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
If you are contributing anonymously, that’s fine, just type “anonymous” above.
If you’d like to receive updates about the quilt, and/or need information about how get your clothing to me, please include your email.
How are you going to get the clothing to the project?
Do you give me permission to include your answers as part of the project if it is publicly displayed?
I’m hoping to show the quilt publicly, and with your permission, I would like to include your words as part of the project.
If you answered yes above, what name/pronouns would you like me to use? It’s fine to be anonymous.
Anything else I should know?